From IAUC 4660 (1988 October 05):

COMET 1988m (SMM 4)
O. C. St. Cyr, Solar Maximum Mission, reports that D. Kobe and
C. Waugh have discovered another probable sungrazing comet with the
white-light coronagraph/polarimeter (C/P) aboard the Solar Maximum
Mission (cf. IAUC 4621, 4648). The following positions have been
reduced by D. Pitone and J. Klein, SMM Flight Dynamics Facility, from
measurements by S. A. Beck, High Altitude Observatory:

1988 UT R.A. (1950) Decl.
Aug. 21.70000 9 56 55 +12 01.8
21.73611 9 58 29 +12 05.4
21.75347 9 59 17 +12 06.0

A. Stanger, Hight Altitude Observatory, estimates the comet's magnitude
as -3, which is brighter than any other comet seen by C/P. The
measurements are again estimated as good to +/- 0.1 solar radius and +/-
0.1-deg position angle, and although observations continued, the object
was not detected after perihelion. Two other images of the comet exist,
but the head was involved with an electronic blemish and measurement
therefore impossible.