The C3 non-group comet of 2000 Nov 10/11 and C/2001-T5

I have found this comet in archival C3 images of 2000 November 10/11 on 2005 April 14. It moved close to the projected path of C/2001 T5:

Shown are the C2 field of view and the orbit of C/2001 T5 as it would appear in C3 2000 Nov 11.0 UTC.

White crosses indicate the positions of the new comet at 20:18 and 00:42 UTC and the perihelion position of C/2001 T5.

The numbers give the velocity of 2001 T5 in pixel/hour for C3. The new comet moved with 12.6 pixel/hour between 20:18 and 00:42 UTC.

The new comet seems to follow the path of C/2001 T5 very well.

I have added a third position (for 04:30 UTC) measured by Karl Battams.

Orbital computations by Brian Marsden (2005 April 15) showed very similar orbital elements for the two comets:

Designation T q peri node incl L B
C/2000 V4 2000 Nov 11.46 0.0503 180.01 324.91 54.97 144.9 0.0
C/2001 T5 2001 Oct 15.77 0.0476 179.51 327.74 55.26 147.5 0.4

Brian Marsden wrote (MPEC 2005-G93):

C/2000 V4 appears to be related to C/2001 T5 (MPEC 2001-V10). This was pointed out by R. Kracht prior to the derivation of the above positions and the orbit computation.