Solwind-7 Images

I have found a small comet in Solwind images of 1981 Nov 20. It's best visible in 10 images from 01:24:58 to 02:09:01 UTC







Animation from all ten images

Stacking the images gives a rather distorted track of the comet
Don Michels wrote: "Possibly more significant was the "image shift" displacement that occurred in every orbit as a result of interaction between the vidicon's magnetic focusing coils and the earth's changing field vector as the S/C circled the Earth in polar (LEO) orbit every 90 minutes. "

Aligning the images on one of the hot spots removes the image shift

Aligning the images on the head of the comet gives this result

No images were taken during the next revolution around the Earth. The next sequence of five images is from the second half of the next but one revolution (05:02:46 - 05:20:32 UTC). All five images aligned on one of the hot spots:

Ten images 06:12:02 - 06:56:05 UTC aligned on one of the hot spots:

Five images 07:47:49 - 08:07:23 UTC aligned on one of the hot spots: