Perseids 2003
image with MINTRON 12V1C-EX and lens f=12 mm f/1.4

Six Perseids in Ursa Major captured 2003 Aug 13 from 23:08 to 23:18 UTC.
Field of view is about 29 x 22 degrees (lens f=12 mm, f/1.4).
The clouds are illuminated by the full moon.
Five frames each integrated for 0.32 seconds were stacked for each Perseid. The resulting six images were combined
into the final image. Total exposure time is 9.6 seconds. The Mintron was used with gain set to 18 dB.
Two short trails from Sich 1 (1995-46A, 23657) are visible.
The Perseids appeared (from left to right) 23:15, 23:12, 23:18, 23:16, 23:08 and 23:16 UTC.