The Tracks of the Kracht II Comets in C2

The Discovery of the second Kracht Group
The Tracks of the Marsden Comets in C2
The Tracks of the Meyer Comets in C2
The Tracks of the Kracht Comets in C2

The tracks are drawn for the 15th day of each month.
The tracks are running from red to blue to gray.
(Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun; Jul: right to left)
(Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan: left to right)
The first gray number is at the perihelion of the orbit.
Numbers are drawn every 30 minutes.
The numbers give the velocities in pixel/hour for the C2 1024*1024 images.

The elements used are the weighted means of the elements of the 3 Kracht II group comets (2004 May):

q = 0.0545, peri = 44.0, node = 7.1, incl = 13.7 deg (L = 50.3, B = +9.5).

The weights are the lengths of the observation times (last obs - first obs).

C/1999 R1 1.37 days (from T-0.62 to -0.43 in C2 and from T-0.30 to +0.74 days in C3)
C/2002 R5 0.83 days (from T-0.59 to -0.38 in C2 and from T-0.22 to +0.24 days in C3)
C/2003 R5 1.37 days (from T-0.61 to -0.40 in C2 and from T-0.28 to +0.76 days in C3)

All observations are close to the time of perihelion (T).
In C2 the times are from T-0.62 to T-0.38 and in C3 the times are from T-0.30 to T+0.76 days.
The following C2 tracks run from T-0.75 to T+0.75 days.
In Mid-August the track is outside the C2 field.